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Girls Corner International enhances the development of girls and young women through Empowerment and hands-on activities that contribute to their growth, society’s growth and the growth of other girls and women. Our 4 Fold empowerment program equips Girls and young women to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve full potential. Our model has been to provide girls and young women with Moral and Christian Development, Sex education and reproductive health, Economic Empowerment and vocational training and education and leadership development which impact knowledge, skills and a firm foundation that can help them take hold of their lives and as well help them make good and informed decisions that are beneficial to their futures, their families, the community and other girls and women. The program equally meets their abilities as aspiring women, future wives and mothers as the Girls Empowerment Center equips them with different types of vocational trainings like pastry, decoration, fashion designing, Saloon, beauty and makeup, craft/art works as well as Computer training that empowers them to take initiatives that can improve their lives and as well guarantee their financial freedom. We believe every girl and young woman can righty attain their potentials and lead lives that count, fulfilling their purpose, if time is taken out to teach them Morals and Christian values, Sex education and Reproductive health, Vocational trainings that can support them financially, educate and lead them so that they can in return lead others.


Grooming empowered girls and young women for a better society.


Girls corner Intl has as mission to enhance the development of girls and young women through Empowerment and hands-on activities that contribute to their growth, society’s growth and the growth of other young girls.

Our Four Fold Model Approach

1.      Moral and Christian Development

The Word of God has never failed in Transforming lives. Here an Esteem Design Bible Study which will help the girls know who God is, who He says they are, and who He calls them to be, helping them find their true identity, value, purpose and worth in God, As well as Moral, civic and developmental study guides that will help guide, inform and keep them on the right footings in life.

2.      Sex education and reproductive health

Topics on Comprehensive Sexuality Education are used as guidelines for the empowerment and development of the social well-being of girls. Topics include;

– Sexual Health and well-being


-Gender equality related issues

-Interpersonal Relationship

-Communication and Decision making Skills

-The body, Puberty and Reproduction

-Sexual and Reproductive Health (HIV prevention and other diseases)

-Advocating for sexual Health and Gender Equality.

3.  Economic Empowerment and vocational training

Investing in girls’ economic empowerment is essential to achieving gender equality. Enabling girls to learn throughout their lives and develop key skills that can transform Homes, lives, and communities. This involves;

-Basic home Skills training and formation

-Providing vocational training and life skills.

-Encourage the creation of savings groups and educate them on how money works.

      4. Education and leadership development

This involves feeding the girls with information on skill development and career advancement

Opportunities, coaching them to better prepare them for the challenges in the profession they are they are going to choose, teach, encourage and motivate them to stay in school as revision classes are offered them, and get them involved in Humanitarian and volunteerism activities.