Girls Corner International is a Girls’ Empowerment Association created with a mission to enhance the development of girls and young women through Empowerment and hands-on activities that contribute to their growth,  society’s growth and the growth of other girls and young women.

 Girls Corner International believes that every Girl can effectively reach their potential if they are fellow-up and motivated to do so

Girls Corner International works in synergy with orphan homes to train, motivate and inspire young girls to believe in themselves.

Girls Corner International has been into girls empowerment for close to 2years now

Girls Corner International uses Christian values to impact the lives of Girls

 Girls Corner International dreams of Operating a girls empowerment center in all 10 regions of Cameroon and Beyond.

Girls Corner International based her teachings on Moral and Christian Development, Sex education and reproductive health, Economic Empowerment and vocational training and education and leadership development for girls and women.

Girls Corner International is founded by 8 young girls between the ages of 23- 30years

Girls Corner International dreams of a world where young girls will have full control over their own lives and live it with standards that heal Humanity instead of destroying them.

Basically Girls Corner International is still working on 0% scale Funds and is very open for Donations and  partnerships.